Menopause in a nutshell

Natural process, menopause generally occurs in women between 45 and 55. As with menarche, age varies, some women being postmenopausal until about 60 years while others, in very rare cases, are at 35 years.

Menopause sign cessation of ovulation in women. The ovaries were indeed depleted their eggs. The woman no longer has menstrual. If some are delighted, others live rather badly reduced hormone secretion, causing physical and emotional changes. Menopause is different for each of them, some will feel the effects more intensely desirable.

Prior to post-menopausal women through what is commonly called perimenopause. During this period that can last more than a year, her menstrual cycles are irregular. We talk about menopause when a woman is no longer set for at least a year.

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